Kianrus Jericus


At 21 years of age, Kianrus stands 6 feet tall and weighs 80 pounds of lean muscle. He has long black hair swept back into a pony tail, with an angular jawline and a fine nose. His eyes are lined with black body paint that goes from his eyeline and fans out into two branches that end at each of his cheekbones in 2 seperate points. His father was a master-swordsman who retired from work after many years in service to the local lord. Spending much of his wealth purchasing a farm, he raised 3 children with his wife, where Kianrus was the middle child.

Having been born into a family of 5 on an imperial feudal world at the frontier of the Imperium, Kianrus knows very little about technology, and as a result he distrusts it. The most advanced weaponry that could be found on his world are the muskets that the town guard carried along with their melee weapon of choice. He is accustomed to being in tune with nature, and has spent countless hours toiling the land, carrying water and raising cattle. The afternoons were spent sparring in hand-to-hand and sword-to-sword combat with his father and older brother, none of which he ever managed to beat in a single match. His evenings were often spent in forced meditation and contemplation by his father, who felt Kianrus lacked concentration and mental as well as emotional stability when in combat.

He volunteered willingly to join the inquisition and start training as an arbitrator when conscriptors came to his town. The inquisitor distrusts him because he finds his determination to punish evil somehow fake or insincere, and thinks very little of Kianrus, and has sent him with the party simply as cannon fodder.

What does the inquisition mean to you
The inquisition is Kianrus’ hope for redemption and he hopes to one day accept his past by working to protect mankind

What will he sacrifice
His own life to protect those he cares about, all of whom he has lost. Will stop at nothing to protect mankind.

What does he desire

That he cannot go back in time, or erase his past. Is determined to never regret anything again so will act quickly and with determination

Kianrus Jericus

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